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1. Add 'atomicdropsx' under Authorized Accounts for your collection to enable Atomic Drops - (Tutorial)

2. Still stuck? Report bugs and get support on our Telegram Group: Atomic Tools Support

Development Log

  • Field validation and highlighting of fields that were missed
  • Add RAM cost per NFT calculation
  • Editor interface for drops created using the tool
  • Improved recent transactions table and sorting
  • Additional drop creation features of atomicdropsx actions implemented
  • Research adding atomicdropsx as authorized account via one click button
  • Create pack drop editor/creator
  • Research redesign of UI for appeal and uniformity

Donate ETH/ERC20: 0xD537a5697075bB8A49042044B2dEcc6E42c01a85

Terms of Use

This tool lets you create NFT drops using the AtomicDrops smart contract on WAX. I hereby agree that:

1. There are no guarantees expressed or implied about the Atomic Drop Maker.

2. This tool is expirimental so features may be limited.

** Remember to VERIFY your drop data **

About Atomic Drop Maker

After NeftyBlocks shut down their easy to use Atomic Drop maker we decided to build our own for ourselves, and for the rest of the community to use. Creating a drop manually is more difficult than it should be, so we hope this tool makes it much easier for you to use.

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